How to Order

To learn more about AlloSource allografts or to place an order, please call:

800. 557. 3587

Certificates & Licenses


AlloSource maintains the appropriate registrations, licenses and accreditations as listed below:

AATB Certificate – Centennial, CO

CLIA Certificate

FDA Registration – Altoona, IA
FDA Registration – Buffalo, NY
FDA Registration – Centennial, CO
FDA Registration – Chicago, IL
FDA Registration – Cincinnati, OH
FDA Registration – Houston, TX
FDA Registration – Maryland Heights, MO

FDA Registration – San Diego, CA

FDA – Medical Device
Establishment Registration and Device Listing
AlloFuse 510(k) – K071849
AlloFuse Plus 510(k) – K103036

Health Canada
Health Canada CTO Registration

9001:2008 – Centennial, CO
13485:2003 – Centennial, CO

State Licenses
California License – San Diego, CA
California License – Centennial, CO
Florida License – Centennial, CO
Maryland License – Centennial, CO
New York License Centennial, CO
New York License – Buffalo, NY

State Registrations
Delaware Registration
Illinois Registration – Altoona, IA
Illinois Registration – Buffalo, NY
Illinois Registration – Centennial, CO
Illinois Registration – Chicago, IL
Illinois Registration – Cincinnati, OH
Illinois Registration – Houston, TX
Illinois Registration – Maryland Heights, MO
Illinois Registration – San Diego, CA
Oregon Registration – Altoona, IA
Oregon Registration – Buffalo, NY
Oregon Registration – Centennial, CO 
Oregon Registration – Chicago, IL
Oregon Registration – Cincinnati, OH
Oregon Registration – Houston, TX
Oregon Registration – San Diego, CA
Oregon Registration – Maryland Heights, MO