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Donor Families & Recipients


AlloSource’s mission is seen every day as we are inspired to Do More With Life by demonstrating care, consideration and compassion to honor the tissue donor and help the recipient.

Thank you to our donors and their families. We understand what we do begins with someone’s decision to become a donor. But that is only where it begins. It is a journey that changes the lives of everyone it touches. Some have already made the donation decision by signing up on the donor registry. For others, the family makes the donation decision in their memory. No matter the circumstances, the gift of donation provides respectful comfort and solace to families dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Thank you to our recipients who inspire us by Doing More With Life. For the thousands of people suffering from critical or debilitating conditions, donated allograft tissue has the potential to improve their quality of life. Donation is the beginning of the process of creating life-saving and life-enhancing tissue allografts for a recipient. Because of the gift of donation, a recipient’s quality of life can be restored. Aware of their gratitude for the tremendous gift they’ve been given, many recipients welcome the opportunity to share their stories.

We would love to hear your story. Are you a tissue transplant recipient? Please share your individual story to help spread awareness for tissue donation and its possibilities by emailing Colleen Kilkenny at

AlloSource created to fill an unmet need for information about tissue donation and transplantation, while providing a community for industry organizations, as well as donor families and tissue recipients. Please visit us to become a member of our community and share your story.