How to Order

To learn more about AlloSource allografts or to place an order, please call:

800. 557. 3587

International Services


Founded in 1994 by three Organ Procurement Organizations, AlloSource has evolved from a local tissue bank serving orthopedic surgeons in three states, into an organization serving communities throughout the world. Every day we live our promise to Do More With Life by demonstrating care, consideration and compassion to honor the tissue donor and help the recipient. Sometimes this requires working with partners halfway across the world. Our current international communities include countries in:

  • The Asian Pacific Rim
  • The European Union
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • South America

In addition to our regulatory compliance listed in the Regulatory Resource Center, AlloSource maintains compliance to the following Quality System requirements per:

  • Health Canada
    • Safety of Human Cells, Tissues and Organs for Transplant
  • European Parliament and Council of the European Union
    • Directive 2006/17/EC, Technical Requirements for the Donation, Procurement, and Testing of Human Tissues and Cells
    • Directive 2006/86/EC, Traceability Requirements, Notification of Serious Adverse Reactions and Events, and Certain Technical Requirements for the Coding, Processing, Preservation, Storage and Distribution of Human Tissues and Cells
    • Directive 2004/23/EC, Standards of Quality and Safety for Donation, Procurement, Testing, Processing, Preservation, Storage and Distribution of Human Tissues and Cells

For more information on international services, please contact Brian Bobka at or 720. 873. 4732.